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OCM Engineering is a premier company in the fields of utility engineering and pole maintenance. We understand the importance of accurate and efficient data collection. With a stellar reputation and a strong word-of-mouth presence in the industry, we are proud to be the go-to choice for utility pole modeling in the Midwest.

Our team specializes in electric/communication distribution design, joint use coordination, permitting services, relocation services, and construction management. We provide turnkey and à la carte engineering and design solutions to telecommunication customers, including Lumen (CenturyLink), Crown Castle, Everstream Solutions, and Metronet Inc.

Our mission is to provide efficient, economical, and accurate solutions at every step of the distribution process for our customers. We have relationships with other engineering firms and contractors to provide any additional services outside our area of expertise. Our attention to detail and ability to adapt to project and client-specific requirements have helped us to reduce costs and expedite schedules for our clients.

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Communications Pole Data Collection in the Midwest



We pride ourselves on delivering the most precise utility pole data collection and inspection services in the Midwest. With our unwavering commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology and leveraging top-notch expertise, we ensure accurate and efficient inspection to help you overcome obstacles and propel your operations forward.

Utility Pole Data Collection

With advanced technologies and experienced professionals, we ensure accurate and reliable data collection, encompassing pole identification, GPS coordinates, structural assessments, and condition evaluations. Our services empower organizations to make informed decisions, optimize asset management strategies, and improve the overall reliability and safety of their utility networks.

Permitting and ROW Acquisition

When it comes to expertise and experience, our inspectors are truly second to none. That’s precisely why numerous communications companies have come to heavily rely on the accurate data we consistently provide.

Utility Pole Placement & Maintenance

A thorough pole inspection enables us to gather the essential data for determining the ideal poles suitable for your specific needs and attachments. This crucial information empowers us to notify you when the time for replacement arrives.

Outside Plant Engineering (OSP)

With the ever-increasing demand for high-speed internet and advanced telecommunication services, OSP engineering and maintenance have become paramount in meeting customer expectations. Our skilled professionals in OSP engineering ensure efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs.

Joint Use Request (JUR)

As the demand for telecommunications infrastructure grows, establishing joint-use agreements becomes crucial. With OCM, you have a key partner in ensuring the efficient allocation of space and the continued reliability and safety of the utility pole infrastructure.

GIS – Records Updates

Incorporating GIS into pole engineering practices ensures the integrity and up-to-date status of pole infrastructure. It streamlines data management, enables proactive maintenance, improves asset management, and empowers informed decision-making for a cost-effective and resilient pole infrastructure.


We specialize in providing comprehensive relocation services that cover all aspects of the process. From coordinating with DOTs and developers to verifying as-built facilities, conducting conflict analysis, and designing the relocation plan, we’ve got you covered.

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Communications Pole Data Collection in the Midwest

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